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SEO vs. G.O.DSᴬᴬ

Everyone wants to know what is different…..


SEO + Google Ads

Focuses on the website only

Gets you multiple positions on Google page 1 and beyond - think owning a lot more real estate on the main street

Borrowing authority from websites that have spent years building their authority

Website rank improves as a by-product of getting 10X more attention from Google

Site optimization to look appealing to google

Onsite optimization

Link building

Content on your brand/best products/services are featured on 100’s of high authority sites giving - making sure you win the popularity contest

Positions site against sites in your space

Google sees all this evergreen PR about you and wants you to be found by customers – it starts pulling you up the ranks for all that you do/sell

Positions sites to drive keywords to drive traffic to your site

Your increased authority reduces the cost of ads for key words

It works in record speed from 48 hours to 90 days


Gives you one or two spots on google – your website and the ad

Our clients can get 4 to 7 spots and dominate the entire first page of Google for their biggest BUYER keywords

It is very $$$$ paying for key words in a competitive market

You are not paying for keywords - you are paying for creating brand authority positioning - which not only gets you more BUYER TRAFFIC, BETTER SEO RANKINGS, but also guarantees a HIGHER VALUATION for your business

SEO takes years and $$$$ to take effect

100X delivers results in as little as 48 hours in some cases

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Anjali Nihalchand
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