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G.O.D.Sᴬᴬ Program FAQs

1. Who is the GODSᴬᴬ Program for?
  • If you have an ecommerce store, check your store analytics and if the majority of your sales come from Google Search and Direct traffic then this program is definitely for you!
  • If you have a business website that generates leads and sales, look at your Google Analytics and if over 50% of your traffic comes from Google Organic Search + Direct channels then this program is for you!
  • If you want to position your brand, product, service or yourself as the “BEST” in your niche then this is definitely for you!
  • If you want to own Page 1 of Google for any particular term or keyword (and push your competition down to Page 2) - then this program is for you!
2. What does the 8-week program entail?

The Program will be broken down into 3 verticals and 8 modules. The modules will include the following:

  1. We will start with conducting a Strategic Review of your business (to document what’s working in the business, list the best-selling products and services, define the industry, audit the current marketing and sales processes, profile the target audience, and study the competition).


  2. We will interview (podcast style) to feature your business on the 100X Project Blog and Podcast (to capture the Story, Values, Vision, USP, Revenue Goals, Profit Accelerators, etc) 

  3. We’ll analyze the sales and traffic analytics for your store or business. We find your top revenue generating products and confirm the top channels that drive traffic and conversions.


  4. Next we'll research the target market and analyze your competition. We reverse engineer the exact amount of effort and planning it will take to convince Google to send you as much GODS traffic as possible for your best selling products and services. We aim to have multiple positions on page one of Google and push your competition off to page 2 so that you can monopolize the traffic that drives your Sales.


  5. Next, we'll take our Content Templates, and design your high authority content strategy. We want to get this built early in the process, so you can get 4 campaigns in before the case study program is up.


  6. We'll focus on Amplifying Your Brand and Accelerating Sales of Your Best Selling Products... focussing on the 3 campaigns that position your brand and products as the best choice in the market for your target customers. We’ve been perfecting these campaigns for years, and we have it down to a science now. We’ll take our PR, Blog, Video, Audio and PDF templates, and customise them for YOUR business.


  7. Our favourite high-probability, low-cost way to generate more sales is by Positioning your brand and product as “The BEST” in your space .We'll talk about “The Authority Architecture“...and specifically what to do on YOUR website and social properties to get credibility and sales.


  8. We will allow you access to our content team - indirect access - you can submit your content briefs and we will ask our team of writers and editors to create your campaigns. It's like having the best in-house content marketing team. Done-For-You Content Creation by top quality content writers and editors (content is researched and written to ensure “newsworthiness” and will resemble an advertorial).


  9. Once the content is produced, it needs to be optimized. We will show you how to optimize the content for maximum Brand Amplification and Search Engine Rankings (our team of SEO and Digital Branding experts will teach you how to optimize the content to position your brand, web properties, products and services to get maximum exposure and visibility) 


  10. The Gary Vaynerchuck Content Bomb - once optimized and ready to publish, the  Digital Media team will Re-purpose the content into Audio, Video, Visuals (slides), PDF, News Release, etc.


  11. Finally we are ready for the magic to happen. We will unleash our superpower. With the press of a button on the 100X platform we will publish your campaign to some of the biggest traffic websites in the world. You can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the results roll in….


  12. Next we will design your growth acceleration strategy and plan so you've got a clear path to getting more traffic and sales from google - And you can confidently implement it knowing that your sales will accelerate - you will finally have a clear path to increasing your sales


  13. We’ll also establish your GODS Communication Rhythm —a simple system for you to Automate and Scale


  14. One of the keys to achieving accelerated growth in short timeframes is to use the 90/10 framework to isolate and focus on your biggest accelerators. We will create a system for you to identify the top accelerators in your business, create a process to get maximum leverage from the accelerators, and finally automate the entire process so you can move onto the next phase of your growth cycle. We do this by unpacking the knowledge and experience we have got from our consulting, and turning it into implementation programs and automated processes... you’ll be able to scale up your sales and profits, without adding any more hours to your day.
3. What are the actual logistics of the Modules?

8 sessions will be spread across 8 weeks but you can compete it in less or more, it is entirely at your own pace, capacity and available time.


There will be 2 Sessions per week


  1. Coaching Video explaining a concept and a step-by-step training to show you how to do it and the tools to help you complete the task. (20-30 mins). There will be extra ‘Explainer Videos’ on the specific tools if you need micro instruction on these steps (3-5 mins)

  2. Each week we will have a scheduled Live Zoom Call where we will work with you on the issues/questions you have or steps you are stuck on.

In addition to this, you can ask real time questions any time and at any stage.


4. What is required of me per week?

On the very basic level you need 2-4 hours to consume the Coaching session, the extra explainer videos, if needed, do the work and participate in the Live group call.

5. How will these modules be taught?

They will be pre-recorded to be consumed at your own pace but they are each short and easy to understand 


6. What if I don’t understand what the module is meant to teach?

We have taken this into consideration and have created short explainer videos that will walk you through every tiny step and you have access to us in the real time chat to ask questions


7. What if I lag behind some of the units, will I waste my investment?

No and it is not time-critical. You consume at your own pace, some people in 2-4 weeks, some in 6 or 8 and others in 12. We suggest 8 weeks as manageable while you run your business.

The investment you make will never be wasted. We are teaching you a process that you can implement and can leverage the system in your business at any time. Even if you take 3 months to implement, the results will stay for long, 12-36 months.

The Program is designed for you to spend US$5000 to implement a process you should be able to add US$50,000 in revenue to your business in 12-15 months.

8. What does if I need to ‘outsource’ the content writing part?

We can help you with that, if you really insist. We have writers on hand that know this stuff.

Content Writing Package for this Program - USD$300 for 4 articles (400 words each)

9. When and how will I see/monitor the results of the workshop in terms of the amplification campaigns that are included?

As soon as you start publishing the content on our platform, in the 3rd section of the program we coach you on exactly how we look for the results. How we analyze it, collect it and report it. We then use that to structure a plan for your next 12 months (3-4 amplification campaigns).

10. How often and how many amplification campaigns do you recommend following the workshop?

Depends on your industry and business. In the 3rd section of the program we will help you strategize your acceleration plan – we work with to consider time and money and see what fits best for you at that stage. 


Between 2-4 per month is our average client practice. 


11. If, for example, I am launching a new shop, how many amplification campaigns would I need to do in order to make an impact?

3-4 amplification campaigns to make a big visible buzzing impact 

12. How much do the 100X amplification campaigns cost once I am done with the workshop?
  • Tier 1 - USD$1000 per Amplification Campaign
  • Tier 2  - USD$500 per Amplification Campaign

We will create a special package depending on your needs.

We show you the difference of the amplification campaign tiers based on your snapshot report – based on your current situation, competitiveness and industry size.

13. Can someone ‘check’ my content to see if it is ‘SEO’ worthy and will generate the impact we are looking for?

In Week 4’s module we coach you on how we look at the content and optimize it with headlines, summaries and links. 


We will also add extra open hours with our team members to help you work through these Live, as this is a crucial part of the work.


14. What kind of materials or cheat sheets will we be given as part of this workshop?

We will be providing a variety of Templates and Worksheets to supplement the Coaching Videos.


For example, for data analytics, we will give you a check list to go through 


15. Can I continue to join the live Q&A sessions in future workshops even once I have completed the one I have signed up for?


16. For the case studies you have shown us, how many amplification campaigns did this kind of impact require?

Average 6-12 amplification campaigns (3-6 months) with a mix between Tier 1 and Tier 2 types

17. How can I know the success/impact relative to the competitiveness to the industry?

The success is seen immediately on Google.


3 levels of success

  1. Pieces of the content you publish show up on google as well as the pulling up of your own website
  2. The 2nd layer is when Google sends you more organic and direct traffic and on Maps (in GMB)
  3. You will see an increase in sales
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