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Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads Workshop

We teach you EXACTLY how to 10X Your Leads And Email Database with A Simple Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign.

Here’s what you take away with you:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads.
    Script a high-converting LEAD AD from scratch with me LIVE (even if you’re terrible at marketing and even worse at writing ads)
  2. Facebook and Instagram AD Campaign Setup.
    How to create a high-converting AD Campaign in just a few minutes (even if you have never worked with Facebook Ads Manager before)
  3. Creating A Winning LEAD AD.
    Copy our 3-Step process to create and test ads with very small daily budgets and quickly find a winning ad you can scale
  4. Facebook Pixel Explained and Demystified.
    Create and setup your Facebook Pixel to make sure you can capture and retarget everyone who you capture as a LEAD and everyone you don’t (it’s a little like MAGIC✨)
  5. Our 5 Secret Steps To Automate Everything (From Scratch)
    Discover my 5-step system for launching a brand new LEAD Generation campaign from scratch. Automate the leadflow to your email marketing software (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, etc.) and learn how we automate follow up for our clients.
    Cut the time it takes to create your first profitable LEAD AD by using my fill-in-the-blanks templates. Just tweak my templates to fit your business, and you’ll be ready to start generating leads in no time.

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