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B2C Store & Local E-Commerce – Activewear

Caelum Greene –
Multi-Brand Athleisurewear Stores in Hong Kong


  • Good in store conversion but no ways of getting new leads
  • Competitive market – not getting in front of enough of our clients
  • Spending too much time and $$ on marketing that isn’t converting


To increase traffic to their stores and grow their customer database.

100X Strategy Plan

  • G.O.D.Sᴬᴬ Program
  • Giveaway Campaign Workshop

Results in 12 Weeks

  • Top Google search results and Google Rankings for major keywords (over 500 words/categories). Website ranking increased by 500%.
  • Generated 42% increase in customers searching for the CG stores on Google
  • Generated 800 new leads through Giveaway Campaign

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